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Is it true a multi-port Smart USB wall charger can distribute charging current automatically?

Nowadays people got lots of daily used electronic devices with USB port, cell phone, bluetooth speaker, iPad, watch, battery charger, e-cigarette, power bank, camera, rechargeable led flashlight, etc. They may need a multi charger station/hub to charge these devices at a time to save time, and may worry if the charging current too small will not fully charge or too high to overcharge the devices.
Most of USB charger manufacturers advertise their multi-port Smart USB charger are smart to detect all connected devices and adjust the output charging current to minimize charging time.
How do they work?
According to Universal Serial Bus Power Delivery Specification, for those USB devices support this protocol, actually the charging current is depends on the USB device itself. The smart charger only controls the output voltage, it will deliver constant voltage when the charging current is not over a stated value, and will limit the output current when the current is overload. For example, many cell phones identify the charger by the USB’s D+/D-, the protocol can adjust voltage and current limit of one USB port, but during constant voltage stage the current is depends on the electrical load. So for a multi-port charger, it only limits the total combined charging current, while the charging current of each USB port is still decided by the device. 

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