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What is 9V type battery?

9V battery is a kind of layer-built battery, it has a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a anode/cathode connector at the top. The dimensions are around 26.5mm(width) x 17.5mm(thickness) x 48.5mm(height).
Most of 9V batteries are built with chemistry like Carbon-zinc, Alkaline, Lithium Manganese Dioxide and Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Lithium-ion. There are dry 9V battery type with high capacity and recharge 9V battery type with low capacity.
What can it be used to?
This is a very common battery and perfect for huge variety of devices, like alarm clocks, digital cameras, AC-Power smoke detectors, universal remotes, wireless video game controllers, remote controlled cars, and other electronic toys, emergent flashlights and portable radios, multi-meter, wireless microphone, and so on. 
Where to buy?
You can buy it from local stores or online stores Amazon, eBay, etc.
One thing need to note when buying this battery is to buy from brand manufacturers and be aware of the expiry date.
How long is the shelf life?
The shelf life/storage life of each battery is different, depends on chemistry of the battery. For some other battery the store life may only last 1-3 years. But for the 9V battery, most of them can last about 3~5 years, some of them are able to hold power for up to 10 years from date of manufacture. Its self-discharge at room temperature in every year, which is less than 1%. You can you can store it for emergencies or use immediately.
How to store?
Relative Humidity 45%-75% and Temperature between -5℃ ~35℃.

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