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Most awaited: Smart Charger in the Market is up for release



    Have you ever felt that your charger isn't fast enough to settle in your busy life? Ever had to go out urgently but the battery of your phone holds you back?


     What if I say one company had brought a solution to all your problems?


     Our company has come up with a product which can save hours.  We have developed a Smart Charger- Allmaybe EU2 QC3.0 Dual USB LCD Wall Charger. This charger can charge QC range devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes, which is literally 4 times faster than your normal 5V charger. It has dual USB ports so you can charge two of your devices together.


     Those times of using a boring charger are gone, it's time to get a smart charger for your smart phones and gadgets. QC3.0 Dual USB Wall Charger EU2 is compatible with most of the devices. You can even charge your gaming consoles, External Battery Pack, Bluetooth speakers and any other devices safely as it automatically adjusts the suitable output voltage.


After lots of Research and Development, our company made it possible to add an LCD Display on top of the charger which can manifest charging current, voltage, energy and charging port accurately. It assists people to know the charging status of your connected devices. You can use to detect USB cables quality too.


The unique LCD display adds up to a Fashionable Look too. A smart charger for you smart gadgets.


    Allmaybe EU2  comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology which can boost charging of your smart phone. It automatically detects a QC3.0/2.0 or non-Quick charge connected devices and adjusts the suitable output voltage.


     Safety is a priority. In our busy daily life, it is hard to keep phone's battery charged, so we usually put our devices on charge while sleeping and keep it that way the entire night. This is convenient but not safe. This can overcharge your battery and reduce its life. Allmaybe EU2  has an overload protection which stops the power circuit when your phone's battery is full. This keeps your phone healthy. There are times when your devices need to be charged in a dirty environment. There is a possibility that the circuit may be shorted by accident during the charging cycle (this is unavoidable and must be protected against from a safety standpoint).  Our smart charger will be able to handle the short and save your device from getting serious damage.


     The smart charger's plug pins are foldable which makes it more portable and easy for carrying. So next time when you are traveling with your multiple devices, you can just save some space as our charger also has dual USB port to charge you two devices at the same time. It has a USB Detector function too. You can test different USB cables’ charging speeds. 


     The package comes with Allmaybe Dual Wall Charger, User Manual and Warranty Card (12 months free repair for quality-related issues with non-artificial damage after purchase).


This product is far more advanced and worth buying it.


The product comes on sale from this week, don't miss this opportunity and grab this astonishing smart charger now.


You can contact us for any questions from our official website - 



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