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How to Choose the Best USB Charger Hub?

Date:2017-07-01 13:20:49


With multiple devices in use daily, it is expedient to have an effective USB charging hub to cater to the charging needs. Carrying multiple chargers around for your smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other gadgets can be frustrating. With a multiport USB charger, you can charge all your devices with a single plug and free up your outlets.


The advancement in technology has made life easier, stress-free, and efficient. It is not right to miss out on the benefits of using a multiport USB charger. All the USB charging hubs in the market are not made equal; so, choosing the best USB charging hub confusing. But, it gets easier to choose with the guidelines explained here.


1. FCC/CE/RoSH/UL CertificationsSafety is paramount. It is essential to buy a product that has the Underwriters Laboratory’s safety certification to confirm the quality of the USB charging hub you are buying. Low quality and uncertified chargers could cause fire hazards and damage to devices. There have been cases of fire accidents caused by chargers.


2. Form: USB charging hubs are available in three forms- wall chargers, corded hubs, and organizers. Selecting any of the forms depends on your preference and where you will be using it.


Wall chargers are like a big transformer without any extension cord. They are wall-mounted with the box plugged into the outlet and you insert all devices’ USB cords into the outlets on the box.


Corded chargers are similar to the wall chargers except that corded chargers have a power cord tether to the outlet providing a few feet distance from the outlet. Where wall chargers cannot be plugged, corded chargers come handy.


Organizer form chargers are bulky and offer slots, racks, or caddies for your gadgets.


3. Number of Ports: You need to consider the number of devices you use regularly to decide the ideal multiport USB charger for you. There are different products offering multiple ports; in fact, there is a 6-port USB wall charger to cater to your devices. It is expedient to buy a charger with more ports than you need now.


4. Port Amperage: Another factor to consider is the amperage of the USB ports on the charger. The USB ports have different amperage outputs, which determine how fast the devices will charge. The standard USB amperage outputs are 1A, 2.1A, and 2.4A. When choosing the best USB charging hub, buy chargers with higher port amperage.


5. Special Features: Apart from the features explained above, some chargers have extra features such as fast charging and wireless charging plus regular USB ports. You should choose the charger having special features that your devices can benefit from.


We recommend Allmaybe 6-port USB wall charger for your devices. The product has all the features described and treat your devices to an efficient smart charging USB charging hub.

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