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Allmaybe EU2 Quick Charge 3.0 LCD USB Wall Charger Review

Writer:allmaybeDate:2017-09-05 13:41:53

Allmaybe EU2 Quick Charge 3.0 LCD USB Wall Charger Review



Finding quality equipment that can ensure quick charge service is quite difficult. Although the market is loaded with several products, selection of right brand demands careful decision. But don’t worry! In order to ease your purchasing, we are going to talk about Allmaybe EU2 Quick Charge Solution that is designed using some of the most innovative technologies.  



Things to know about Allmaybe EU2 Wall Charger:

This recently launched quick charge USB Wall Charger is designed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology. You will be glad to know that it works faster than your regular chargers and ensures up to 80% power up just within 35 minutes. Yeah! You will find it 4 times faster when compared to the existing charger products. The best part is that it has backward compatibility with QC1.0, QC 2.0 as well as it supports smart USB technology. It means whenever this charger is connected to QC range devices or some non-quick charge type devices then this smart wall charger can make automatic adjustments for the output voltage and charging currents.




How does it work?

As shown in the product image, this charger possesses two QC3.0 USB ports along with a multi function button. When this charger is not connected to any device then its LCD screen simply keeps on displaying null values. As soon as it starts charging any device, the corresponding readings are displayed on the screen. The multi function button can be used to switch the LCD display On or Off and at the same time it can assist in the selection of USB ports.



Incredible Features of EU2 Quick Charger:

· Here is something interesting to talk about AllMayBe EU2 Wall Charger; it is equipped with a fashionable LCD screen that displays easy to read details related to charging voltage, current, and energy. Which help you to know charging status for the output device. Moreover, it can be used to as a detector to test the quality of USB cables charging speed.

· The advanced USB detector system makes connectivity much easier.

· This device is capable enough to work on 36 Watt power range while ensuring steady and safe delivery.

· You will find it safe to use because it works with multi protect safety system that includes over heat protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection so that you can always ensure quality results.

· People love its compact design with foldable pins that make it best choice for travel needs.

· Users can access it’s both ports at the same time and they work perfectly fine.



Professionals at Allmaybe have developed this impressive wall charging unit after huge research and this product is capable enough to beat all competing brands in the market. It has been tested on several devices till now and the results are quite amazing. If you are tired of the old slow chargers that often create trouble for your routines then it is good to place an order for this advanced wall charging solution that ensures quick action to boost the power of your devices. It's active display unit keeps users informed about all charging specifications. Indeed, this product is quite useful for every house.



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