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  • Name: Universal Battery Charger EC2
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  • Power: 0.5A/ 1A Charging Current
  • Input: Micro USB DC 5V 2A
  • DC Output: 5V 1A
  • Size: 112*60*30(mm)
  • Weight:
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Awesome Compatability
EC2 charges all your batteries from 3.6V/3.7V/3.8V Li-ion, 1.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD to 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries and it can hold batteries of length from 32mm to 70mm.
Smart & Simple 
The charger can automatically detect Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries and charge different battery types at SAME TIME and SEPARATELY. With individual LCD indicator for each slot, one can easily know charging status at a simple glance.
Easy Power Access
Operates on 5V DC input for convenient access, no need to buy extra adapter; 500mA and 1000mA 2 charging options take care and quick charge batteries of different types and capacities.
USB Power Bank Output Function(work with one 18650 battery as power)
5V 1A USB output supplies big power for your phones, cameras, pads, GPS and other devices. Innovative 0V activation revives dead or over-discharged batteries and save a big deal in the long run.
Quality Assured and 100% MONEY BACK
Our Charger is of High Quality. We Provide 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or MONEY BACK guaranteed NO QUESTION ASKED.






★★★★★ 5


★★★★★ Solid unit would recommend this to any one interested..received package untimely from supplier..working great

By Errol J Bryanon May 10, 2017

Solid unit would recommend this to any one interested..received package untimely from supplier..working great..thanks guys.. charges both Ni-MH and li-ion rechargable batteries


★★★★★ Good charger

By Linda Bon May 4, 2017

Great little item. Like the fact that it us compact and you can charge different battery sizes.


★★★★★ Allmaybe charger

By Henry Won May 1, 2017

Solid charger for the money. But some batteries that it wouldn't charge I successfully recharged on my more expensive Nitecore charger.


★★★★★ Great for the price!

By rmgeranioson April 26, 2017

A great charger for my 18650's. I use a cuboid and it works really well keeping a good charge.


★★★★★ J'ai vraiment aimé se chargeur qui recharge... ...

By Eric Robergeon April 22, 2017

J'ai vraiment aimé se chargeur qui recharge ..... très rapidement ! J'en avais acheté un d'une capagnie de pile très connu, et je préfère sans aucun doute le allmaybe ! J'ai rester tellement surpris de la charge !

De plus, il prend différent type de pile, ce qui en fait un chargeur polyvalent ! Sérieusement, mon autre chargeur a pris le bord .... et remplacé par celui-ci !

Même mes enfants l'adore a cause de la panoplie de batteries utilisé par tous les jouets ! Une heure et ils peuvent rejouer !

Vous chercher un bon chargeur rapide, ne chercher plus !!!

I really liked getting charger which recharges ..... very quickly! I had bought one of a well known battery capability, and I definitely prefer the allmaybe! I stayed so surprised at the load!

In addition, it takes different type of battery, making it a versatile charger! Seriously, my other charger has taken the edge .... and replaced by this one!

Even my children love it because of the array of batteries used by all toys! An hour and they can replay!

Looking for a good fast charger, no more searching !!!


★★★★★ Worked well and even revived batteries that have not been charged for a couple of years.

By Snkiis3#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon April 6, 2017

This charger has revived some of my batteries that have not been charged for a couple of years.
Can toggle between 2 different charging speeds and can take a wide variety of batteries, especially the unpopular 18650 types of batts.This is important as I am not buying a special charger for those batteries that I only use once in awhile.
Lights indicate how much charge is left in each battery and charging lights work when charging. Only con is can only charge 2 batts at a time.


★★★★★ Free power

By Brianon March 31, 2017

Pleased! I can use the Anker 21w solar panels connected to this unit to charge AA batteries.


★★★★★ Simple and Quality Product

By PJon March 26, 2017

I purchased this based on price and the ability to connect to 5 volt usb, which I am using, along with 12v, for emergency backup. It is simple and quality manufactured. It does everything as advertised. I recommend this product.


★★★★★ This is very good in charging the NiMH and 18650 batteries

By ytiragluvon March 23, 2017

This is very good in charging the NiMH and 18650 batteries. You have the option of charging it either 500mA or 1A. One good thing is that you can charge it via micro USB. You just need a USB wall charger or a 15000mA or more power bank to recharge the battery. I just wish they could make a 4 battery charge so that I can charge 4 battery at once. Other than that, two thumbs up for this product.


★★★★★ Sweet little charger

By J Paton March 21, 2017

This charger is compact, about the size of a deck of cards, and is USB powered so you don’t have another wall wart or power cord to deal with. Charging current is switchable between 0.5A and 1.0A. At 0.5A the charger and batteries get only slightly warm which I assume will help extend the life of both components. I’m using this on a 1A USB power supply charging AA Ni-MH batteries and it works great!


★★★★★ Powerful charger for AA and AAA batteries

By Brad McCuaigon March 14, 2017

With so many gadgets running off AA and AAA batteries I was tired of shelling out money for alkaline batteries that eventually wind up in the dump. I bought a large clunky charger that worked but was a nuisance. So after a bit of research I found this charger. It is like having 2 separate chargers. It holds any combination of 2 Li-ion or Lifepo4, NiCad or NiMH batteries, and each battery can be charged in a different mode and at different rates. The charging current can be set to 500 or 1000 mA. Each battery has its own independent LED indicators that shows charging status. Totally satisfied.


★★★★★ I love this thing. Happy customer

By SALDANAon March 13, 2017

I love this thing. I have a total of four scattered around the house wherever I use rechargeable batteries. One of the best features is it will take batteries that haven't been used in a while back to life. That’s wonderful.


★★★★★ Can revive batteries

By LAURENDEAUon March 12, 2017

Easy to use and control the charge type for each or all batteries. Could use it as a portable charger, but I have a smaller 2 battery fast charger. The fast charger I had was causing batteries to fail. Charged them in this charger and brought them back to life.


★★★★★a must for solar powered charger and for travel

By NNSJKon March 12, 2017

Works well as described. Very handy and a must battery charger for solar powered charger and for travel - just plug in anywhere with phone charger.
It's very useful with charger level indicator and option for 1A or 2A. Charge faster than average wall charger.


★★★★★Versitle and sturdy. 2 of these worked with my 14 watt solar panel just fine.

By TRWon March 10, 2017

Got 2 of these for a 14volt foldable solar panel and it's USB capability. I charged 4 AA batteries and there was times when the lights would do some indication that power was not adequate for operations. I then re-positioned the panels and kept charging. These can take the 3.7 volt batteries and be charged which has the power to be used as a charger as well for cell phones. It is sturdy. The metal pins are strong enough. There is a lot this little charger can do and I am very happy with it.


★★★★★All in one, smart, simple and compact

By chris johnsonon March 9, 2017

This battery charger is the answer to my problems. You can charge both types of batteries (Ni-MH and Lithium and Lifepo4 ) and it fits all sizes from AAA to C. Sometimes D is also OK. It’s fast and very easy to use. I like the fact that you can see the charging info. Only time will tell if the product is reliable. It’s USB powered so quite easy for me to find power source for it.


★★★★★Good little charger

By ROSSITERon March 8, 2017

Really smart stuff going on here. A quality product; made well and works well, and will definitely last. This is the second charger I got of this kind, works with a ton of different batteries, won't overcharge, so you can forget about the batteries and get away with it. And won't break if you put a battery in wrong, which happens a lot with new users.


★★★★★ Versatile battery charger. Remarkably versatile charger with 2 independent channels and 0V activation

By Alex G.N.TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon March 8, 2017

Allmaybe EC2 battery charger may look simple, but it is actually quite versatile and sophisticated.

Let's start with a summary of sorts: it's a dual independent channel charger, which supports various cell sizes and all kinds of battery chemistries. Now, for some details.

• Battery sizes. The 'official' supported sizes are: AAA, AA, A, SC, C, and various Li-ion cell sizes in the 10440 through 26700 range. And as far as the listing's claim of support for battery lengths between 32mm and 70mm, I can confirm these measurements to be exact (refreshing precision!). Except that at 32mm, there'd be no pressure on the battery, so you'd probably need a conductive spacer of some sort. But yes, anything up to 70mm should be fine, including flat top cells (very long protected 18650/26650 batteries might not fit though). The spring-loaded sliders are nice and smooth (even better than on my Opus charger).

•Battery chemistries. EC2 supports Ni-MH/Ni-CD (1.2V), Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR (3.6-3.8V), LiFePO4 (3.2V). Very versatile indeed.

• Power source. EC2 draws power from a USB port or adapter, and it comes with a standard USB to micro-USB cable, which is a bit longer than is often the case, measuring around 75cm. The charger can consume up to 2A, so make sure you use it with a sufficiently powerful adapter in order to reach maximum charging speed. The default charge current is 500mA. You toggle it between 500mA and 1000mA by holding the 'M' button for 2 seconds. It is usually best to charge lower-capacity batteries (below 1000mAh) using the lower 500mA current. Looks like we can only select the same current for both slots. In operation, EC2 gets barely warm to the touch.

• Charge progress. It is indicated for each of the two channels via the 4 flashing LEDs - each LED corresponding to 25%. So, when you insert a battery, these LEDs indicate the battery type, and once this is settled, and charging starts, they indicate the charge progress. As far as I can tell, EC2 uses a CC/CV charge algorithm with what looks like a ~50mA termination current, which is all good.

Bottom line: simple and well-made, very versatile, with two independent channels and enough intelligence for most use scenarios. For under $20, I don't think you can do much better. Highly recommended!



★★★★★I've really enjoyed this charger so far

By Amazon Customeron March 1, 2017

I've really enjoyed this charger so far. I've only used it for 2 different size/capacity Li-Ion batteries so far, but it has worked flawlessly. One of the batteries I thought was completely dead as no lights showed when I inserted into charger, but after a while a charge showed. I guess the battery level was too low to register on the charger. It works great so far! I'm glad to have it!


★★★★★Very satisfied

By Dorothy Adamiakon February 27, 2017

Works great, used it plugged in to my laptop USB. I like that I can charge a single battery at a time, my wall plug unit is either 2 or 4 identical batteries.


★★★★★Great product for a great price.

By Amazon Customeron February 22, 2017

One feature I like is that you can charge a single battery at a time if you want, other chargers I've used won't do that, they only will charge two at a time. This charger charges each battery independently which is better for the lifespan of your batteries. It's shows the percentage of charge for each battery in real time which is super helpful. Of course one of the coolest things was that you can use it as a power pack because it has power out port which allows you to charge other devices using a USB cable. You can also adjust the current between .5-1.0A. The lower capacity the batteries you are charging the slower you should charge them to keep the battery lasting as long as possible overtime meaning it's better at .5A instead of 1.0A. It charges many different sizes of batteries including 18650 li-ion. Overall it's a great price for what it does and it's small and convenient with very practical features.


★★★★★For the price this is one great charger, maybe I got lucky this time

By Cesar M. Acostaon February 21, 2017

When this charger arrive, I put it to the test. I use it on my older 4 set of 4 Double A batteries. (charging it 2 at a time). After it charge I put it on my camera flash and it work, while before if I use my old charger it will give one flash and its done. Still work today (Tuesday) and I have a photo session last Sunday. For the price this is one great charger, maybe I got lucky this time. I hope it will last long.


★★★★★Got it on time and it works well just like advertised. A good product for which I plan ...

By william sullivanon February 15, 2017

Got it on time and it works well just like advertised. A good product for which I plan to mostly use with a solar charger.


★★★★★Great little charger!

By SuperETOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 12, 2017
This handy battery charger by Allmaybe is a great little unit for charging two batteries at a time.

It accepts quite a range of batteries from 1.2V Ni-MH to 3.2V LiFePO4's in sizes ranging from 32mm to 70mm.

I tend to use AAA and AA Ni-MH, so that's what I've been charging in this unit.

I have a mix of both new and old rechargeable batteries in more than one brand but they all charge quite easily.

This charger includes a micro-USB cable, but not an adapter. You can plug it into your cell phone USB adapter and it should work just fine. I've used it attached to a USB hub and it also works exactly as expected.

There's a single USB output on the top of the unit which allows you to charge a USB device. One unique feature that I did not have a chance to try is the power bank function, which allows you to charge a device through the USB output by putting a battery in the right slot. This may be convenient in a pinch, but it's not going to give you the same charging capacity as a dedicated 10,000+ mAh power bank.

The top face of this charger has a single button where you can select the current (0.5A or 1A) and there are also two meters which indicate the type of battery you've got inserted as well as the battery level. These will flash as you charge and you can see the progression as lights become solid.

Charge times will vary depending on what you're charging, but most of the AA batteries I've charged take less than 2 hours to fully charge.

Overall, this is a nice charger. I wish it had four slots and the option to discharge/charge like other smart battery chargers do, but for the price, this is a solid product.

Disclosure: This product was received at a discount so that I could review it. My opinions are based entirely on my experience.


★★★★★ Needed a 18650 charger and this one did the trick!

By SteveTOP 500 REVIEWERon February 12, 2017

I recently picked up a couple of 18650 batteries and 18650 powered Cree flashlights to give me a brighter and longer lasting alternative to the AA powered Cree flashlights I was previously using. Since 18650 are lithium batteries, they also require a compatible charger.

This Allmaybe charger was inexpensive, at less than $20, and would charge a whole assortment of lithium batteries, including regular AA and AAA batteries as well. Also particularly attractive about it was that it's MicroUSB powered, which meant I could easily connect it into the charge cables already in my desk charging station and not have to find a spot in my power bar or outlet for it.

Since each charge bay operates independently, you can charge one or two batteries of dissimilar types without needing to charge in pairs. That even includes charging a lithium battery beside, say, an AA or AAA battery. Most dual (quad, etc) bay chargers require pairs of batteries be charged at once, so this is a nice feature!

Overall, it worked great for my 18650 batteries! I threw some AA and AAA batteries in to test too, and those also auto-detected and charged just fine!

Some, but not all, of the reviews I write are discounted products in exchange for a review. This review does fit that category, but reflects only my honest opinion of a product. If a product sucks, I'll gladly put it how it is in my review. If a product fails or lets me down at a later date, I will also update the review to reflect that. I make very important buying decisions myself based on reviews, and would never let a mere discounted product sway my honest opinion of a product. I know how important reviews are for my own buying and I hope that my reviews can also help impact your buying decisions!


★★★★★Charges multiple types of batteries at the same time (AA, AAA, C, 18650).

By GeekReviews Eh!TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 11, 2017

This charger works great for all of my batteries! AAA, AA, C, D, 18650, they all charged.

There are certain features of this charger that I feel are advantages to this particular charger:
-the cord is removable. This allows the cable to slip through small holes if you have to drill holes through objects to have the charger in a convenient, more permanent location
-can charge the batteries independently, or separate.
-can charge different types of batteries at the same time
-has a percentage charge indicating light to let you know approximately how long your batteries will charge for.

I particularly have received this because I was looking to charge my rechargeable 1.2V C batteries. For me, this charger meets all of my expectations for a charger.

* Product provided to me free or discounted without requirement for a review, and the seller welcomes both positive and negative feedback. This is my unbiased opinion of this product


★★★★★ Versatile battery charger.

By GioTOP 50 REVIEWERon February 9, 2017

The first thing I noticed when I received this charger was how small it was. I was pleasantly surprised by the compact size. I was also happy to see that it is CE certified. Setting it up was as simple as connecting the USB cable to a USB port! Once connected, a small LED lights up to let you know it's on.

I inserted two Eneloop batteries and after a second or so, they started charging. This minor delay is due to the charger automatically detecting the type of battery you inserted. It charges Li-ion, Ni-MH, and LiFePO4 batteries so it need to make sure it's sending the proper amount of voltage. You can also manually select the type of battery by pressing the button in the upper center of the charger.

The charger also has reverse-polarity protection, short-circuit protection as well as over-current protection. The manufacturer claims that it can also recover over-current batteries with its 0v activation function, but I did not test this feature.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this charger. I hope they also decide to make one that charges four batteries at once. I would definitely buy it!


★★★★★Very Good Smart Battery Charger........

By Dale V.on January 20, 2017

The smart battery charger by AllmaybeDirect is a nice addition to my battery chargers. I have tons of different batteries and they all should be charged a little different and at different rates and this takes care of that for you without having to think about it.

What I like:
- Self-detects what types of batteries you put in it charges at the correct mAh for those batteries
- Can charge different size and types of batteries at the same time
- Will revive/activate and charge an over-discharged battery
- Comes with a USB port to be used as a battery pack for charging other devices
- Will charge batteries from 32mm to 70mm in length
- Charges 3.6V/3.7V/3.8V Li-ion, 1.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD to 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries
- Each slot charges separately and has its own LED lights and percentage status bars
- No questioned asked 100% money back guarantee
- 500 mAh or 1000 mAh charging options
- Comes with instruction in English and a USB cable

What I don’t like:
- Have to push a button to choose the correct type of 3.2V LiFePO4 battery or 3.8V Li-ion batteries
- Only two slots need more slots in today’s world
- Limited to two mAh charging amounts, some could use 150, 300 or 800 mAh

Overall, this is a very nice charger that works and makes charging a little easier and smarter for everyone.


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