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Make your phone charge faster

Due to power supply standard up to 20 v / 5 a, 100w power, type C USB can greatly promote the speed of charging equipment, but also for a laptop, projector, and even TV higher power equipment such as power supply, which is why apple's new MacBook only need a built-in USB Type C, can realize the power supply, transport demand.



Because USB Type C supports up to 10Gbps transmission speed, it will greatly improve the transmission speed of mobile phones, which is very beneficial for mobile phone development. For example, more and more mobile phones are supporting 4K video shooting, and video files are much larger and faster data transfer is necessary.



Currently, HDMI is widely used in TV, monitor product interface standard, although have a miniature version, but rarely has a mobile phone with the interface, because it can lead to rising costs, increase the volume. And since USB 3.1 supports display output, it is more suitable for the output interface of mobile devices, especially the reversible type-c.



Obviously, a universal interface, which is needed for small devices such as mobile phones and tablets, can greatly improve the connectivity of devices. From now on, the type-c in USB 3.1 is the most likely to become the future connection standard, providing integrated connection schemes such as data transmission, peripheral connection and display output.


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