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Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority!


We believe customer service is one of the most important factors in technology industry. During business hours, our local customer service representatives that are highly trained and ready to assist customers with any issues.


Our customer services provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and thoughtful service. They responsible for the management, classification, arrangement, filing and keeping of the company's customer information, company documents and users' opinions, and make reference to the company image promotion, just want to make every customer enjoy their purchase.


Moreover, they assisted the front-line department to provide the reception and telephone calls of customers, timely inform the customer information and properly handle.


For example, our customer service performance is showing as the following items on Amazon page and we have strived to achieve and maintain the standards: 

-Order deletion rate: < 1%

-Pre-delivery cancellation rate: < 2.5%

-Delay delivery rate: < 4% 


Excellent customer service and trouble shooting is only a phone call away!


We have a full staff of technicians constantly testing every possible scenario that our customers might face.  When you contact or call the customer support,it is highly likely that our technicians have already been briefed on a potential issue that you may be facing.

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